Environment and CSR certification

Of course we care about the environment and act as socially as possible.
-No trend with us, we’ve been doing it for years-

To determine whether our words correspond to our actions in our production process, the services and the operations, we have carried out a sustainability measurement. And what seems? We are indeed doing well!

Ipskamp Printing has a high company score for professionalizing CSR and sustainability. We also score high compared to other companies in the “Industry” sector. We see this result as an incentive to further improve our CSR policy.

Some of our measures:

  • The purchase of our new printer: completely chemically-free printing, no shedding required (paper saving), no environmentally harmful substances and virtually no waste;
  • Selective purchasing of less environmentally harmful additives;
  • Reduction of consumption of environmentally harmful raw materials and consumables;
  • Optimal separation of waste.

In addition to a very good score within the sustainability measurement, we also work under various environmentally-friendly quality marks and certifications. Below is a summary of a number of these quality marks and certifications, including a brief explanation.

ISO 9001 Certification

The ISO 9001 certificate guarantees the quality management system. This is checked annually by the SCCI Creative Industry Foundation. The SCCI focuses on auditing and certifying companies and organizations within the creative sector. Owning an SCCI certificate is a proof of an independent assessment.

FSC® Certification

We are a fully FSC® certified company. Responsible forest management is part of CSR that we find extremely important. That is why we print at least 98% of our books on FSC® certified paper.

Printing with green electricity

To make Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) complete, our entire company runs on Groene Stroom. We are therefore in possession of the Nuon GroenGarant Certificate. We think it is fantastic that we can generate energy from the forces of nature, which is good for the environment. That is why we use Green Energy for years. All the electricity that we use at Ipskamp Printing is 100% green. Green Printing and corporate responsibility have become our second nature. We even have attached our own label: The Green Butterfly.

Shared responsibility

CSR is more than caring for the environment; it is also about our dealings with the people around us. For example, we apply a personnel policy that takes into account the needs of our own people and we encourage organizations that work for society free of charge. For example, we are a partner of the Reading and Writing Foundation, and we have colleagues who are seconded to us from the social employment services. We believe that these people deserve to feel important again and feel good, because they contribute to society (again).

Plant het voort!

We are a partner of Plant het Voort! Through the One Tree Planted organisation we plant one tree for every order that we produce. These trees are planted in the Amazon rainforest. One Tree Planted works together with local partners to plant the trees in order to save costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Der Blauer Engel

Der Blauer Engel is a German label for ecological products. The label guarantees that the products and / or services are environmentally friendly. It is therefore that we use Everprint paper. Everprint is a 100% recycled paper type and has the Der Blauer Engel certificate.

Environmental Barometer

Through the Environmental Barometer we monitor all our environmental costs and environmental impact. The Environmental Barometer shows us where our environmental benefits are; with graphs, key figures and industry averages.